Terms and Conditions

1.1 These Terms and Conditions strictly apply to the use of the website www.Performance-energy.com, for specific written terms such as Client & Consultant service agreements, please contact info@performance-energy.com.

1.2 We strongly recommend that all Terms and Conditions are read in-depth before engaging in a service agreement with Performance Energy or using our website & linked sites.

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1.4 If you do not agree or are not sure of any terms mentioned, please do not continue to use the website or service until you have raised the concern with info@performance-energy.com.

1.5 Our Terms & Conditions are subject to change; therefore, we recommend you check the Terms & Conditions regularly to ensure that you are aware of the latest version.

2.0 Use of this website

2.1 The use of this website shall be for lawful purposes only. You must not use the website in any way that breaches any applicable law, may it be local or international or which is in any way unlawful or fraudulent.

2.2 Information on this website is not for distribution of any kind and may only be used for personal viewing. Should you wish to distribute any part of the Company’s website, please contact the CEO to receive authorisation before doing so.

2.3 You must not for any reason:

2.3.1 Distribute information on this website

2.3.2 Copy or rephrase the material of this website (this includes copying, rephrasing, altering the wording, altering the design, transferring any content, in whole or in part (Including deep linking)

2.3.3 Use any of the website data to replicate the companies services, design or working on any other media platform.

2.4 You must at all times

2.4.1 Only supply accurate and honest information to the company when you register for its services or apply for positions, submit information via company links.

2.5 Registering for our services, in no way guarantees that we will supply your our services.

3.0 Cookie & Privacy Policies

3.1 These terms are in conjunction with our cookie & Privacy Policies and should be read in full before committing to a service with us, or continuing with our website.

4.0 Our information

4.1 Performance Energy registered in the UAE, is the sole operator of this website ("the Company", "us", "We").

4.2 Performance Energy registered in the UAE

5.0 Licencing & Ownership

5.1 The Company is the lawful owner of all content, images & data in the website. Any copying, transferring, altering of this data is strictly prohibited.

5.2 We are the sole owner of the website, including copyright design rights.

5.3 All rights are to be assigned to us on a global basis should you acquire any rights in or to our website or the materials on it.

5.4 All moral rights are also to be unconditionally and irrevocably waived to us in the eventuality that you acquire our data or breach our terms.

5.6 We try to ensure that the website & data is as accurate as possible; however, are unable to guarantee the accuracy or completeness of all of the information presented. Please contact info@performance-energy.com should you have any queries regarding the data.

5.7 All data, logos, phrases, graphics, images, designs, layouts, are constituted as trademarks of Performance Energy regardless if they are registered or unregistered.

6.0 Changes

6.1 The website may be suspended without notice in the eventuality that we feel there is a security risk to the business and those who access it or if the data needs updating.

6.2 We reserve the right to remove, change or amend any details or data within our website without prior notice or justification.

7.0 Hacking & Viruses

7.1 It is a breach of the company Terms and Conditions to be involved in any way in the attempt to hack or insert a virus into the Companies database, website, any other company property or third party software used in conjunction with the Companies activities. All attempts will be considered a criminal offence under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. All damages sustained will be payable by the offender.

7.2 Viruses & hacking may include (but are not limited to) introducing viruses, worms, logic bombs, trojans, or other harmful materials that may affect the computer, program, software or company operation.

7.3 We scan our website weekly for harmful content, but cannot guarantee that the website & company links are free from viruses or harmful material and therefore will not be held liable for any losses or damages suffered due to a result of using our website & content. All data & information supported by Performance Energy constitutes as content.

8.0 Website Linking & RSS

8.1 You must not create any links to or from the website

8.2 Our website may include links to third parties & external links; these are provided purely to enhance the experience for our users and should not be replicated or copied.

8.3 We are liable for any losses or damages that you incur as a result of the content of any websites which you access through our website. You shall hold us harmless of all costs & damages as part of these terms and conditions.

8.4 We are not responsible for any RSS content provided.

9.0 Liabilities

9.1 No guarantees, warranties or conditions are provided about the accuracy of the content of this website and any sub-content linked to it.

9.2 We exclude liability for any loss or damage incurred by you as a result of reliance of the information provided by this website.

10 Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

10.1 These terms and conditions are bound and governed in accordance with the laws of DTWC FZ UAE.

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